The Original UK Dedicated Polygraph Association

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Truth Conquers All
Vincit Omnia Veritas
Article I - Name
The name of this organisation shall be the British Polygraph Association, herein after referred to as the BPA.

Article II - Objectives
To advance the use of polygraph as a profession in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (UK & ROI)
To advance professional standards of polygraph examiners in the UK & ROI, promote professional achievement, and inspire ethical conduct within the polygraph profession.
To unify all polygraph examiners practicing in the UK & ROI within the professional standards of the BPA.
To publicise the name and prestige of the BPA.

Article IIl - Membership & Voting Rights
To qualify for full privileges and standing as a member, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

A. Full Member (general membership)
Be a graduate of a polygraph school that is recognised by the British Polygraph Association. As being accredited by the American Polygraph Association.
Shall be in a position to demonstrate their commitment to professional development within the field of polygraph.
Shall be a person of good standing and not be subject to any current judicial proceedings against them from any court of law involving criminal activity. (Any violations will be subject to review and approval of the general membership under article 5.)
Membership assessments, fees or changes in fees will be approved by general membership during any twice annual business meeting and voted on for approval by majority vote of the membership present.
Shall have the legal right to work and be a resident of the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.

B. International Member
Be a graduate of a polygraph school that is recognised by the British Polygraph Association, as being accredited by the American Polygraph Association. International members shall have no voting rights, or hold any office in the BPA, but may participate in all other functions within the BPA.
Must be resident outside of the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland and must not actively hold a commercial Polygraph interest within the UK or ROI.
Such member shall pay no annual fees and will have no voting rights.

C Honorary Membership

Once each year, members may submit the name of one person who has rendered distinguished service and support to the polygraph profession, to the membership for their approval to bestow this honorary award. Such member shall pay no annual dues and will have no voting rights but will be entitled to attend any business meeting.

Disciplinary Proceedings

A member, whose conduct injures or tends to injure the BPA, adversely affects its reputation or which is contrary to or destructive of its purposes or objectives, or who shall wrongfully defame the name or reputation or another member, shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings as follows:

As necessary the secretary will appoint a Grievance Committee of no less than two (2) members that will investigate all charges made in the grievance. All allegations of misconduct by a member must be submitted to the Grievance Committee in writing. The Grievance Committee shall:

Conduct a preliminary investigation to determine the necessity of additional investigation or determine appropriate action and report to the general membership.
In all written allegations, the member against whom the charges have been made will be promptly notified by the Grievance Committee. A written response from said member would be requested and forwarded to the Grievance Committee within thirty (30) days of notification of the alleged grievance. The Grievance Committee may grant an extension of time for cause.
Failure by said member to respond or provide the written requested information to the Grievance Committee would be sufficient grounds to suspend or terminate membership in the BPA.

The secretary will report all action by the Grievance Committee to the General membership. The Grievance Committee may recommend "no disciplinary action" or form of "disciplinary action". The General membership will determine final action by Majority Vote and inform all parties as to the results of the final investigation and action taken.

Any member may appeal the Grievance Committee decision to the general membership at the next annual business meeting, provided the member notifies the secretary of their intention to appeal 30 days prior to the annual business meeting. The voting membership may vote to "over rule", or "uphold" the Board's action in the case of either party. Any of the foregoing action must be a vote of two-thirds majority by the membership present.

Voting Rights
All members meeting the requirements of Article 3a shall be considered voting members of the BPA and shall have the right to exercise their right to vote in all elections requiring general membership participation. There shall be no absentee voting or voting by proxy.

Article IV - Officers
The officers of the BPA shall be the Secretary and Treasurer. Election of officers of the BPA will be held Bi annually during the Annual Business Meeting. (Beginning with elections in the year 2011). No Officer may use his/her position to advance or gain a commercial advantage over the general membership through advertising his/her position to the public for any financial gain perceived or otherwise.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to enter into the proper books all resolutions, minutes, and proceedings of the BPA. He/she shall conduct correspondence relating to the BPA, the issue notices of all meetings of the BPA. He/she shall keep a current record of the membership and shall perform all duties pertaining to the Office of Secretary that the BPA may from time to time direct. He/she shall publish annually a list of members of the BPA, which shall include their last known address, unless the member should otherwise request that this information not be published. The Secretary shall serve a two (2) year term in alternating years, as elected, with the office of the Treasurer. (Beginning with elections in the year 2011.)

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds and securities of the BPA and promptly deposit all funds in a designated bank. He/she shall act as financial advisor to the BPA on all matters and problems of finance. He/she shall keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements and shall pay all bills promptly. His/her records shall be made available upon request. He/she shall make a report to the membership at each regular meeting of the BPA as to the status of the Treasury when requested to do so. The Treasurer shall automatically be a member of any committee dealing with finances. The Treasurer shall serve a two (2) year term in alternating years, as elected, with the office of the Secretary. (Beginning with elections in the year 2011).

Article V - Membership Selection
Membership selection shall consist of three phases. Every membership application will first be sent to the secretary for review and background check. Depending on the geographical area, the secretary may forward the application to any full member for the review and background check. Second, after the background check, the secretary will notify all Full members of the applicant's name and that the applicant will be put forward for approval for membership at the next twice annual business meeting. Third and final phase, the secretary will present each applicant's name to the membership at the twice annual general business meeting for a vote by the membership for final approval as a new member. The treasurer will then invoice the new member for fee's due.

The secretary will have the right to invite any person with a membership application pending to attend the twice annual business meeting that will consider that person's application however the person will have no voting rights until their membership is approved.

Article Vl - Standing Committees
Any future Standing Committee's will be elected by the General membership at any twice annual meeting and will take immediate effect upon approval.

Article VIl - Amendments
This Constitution may be amended at any twice annual meeting of the BPA by a favorable majority vote of the members present. Amendments shall take effect immediately upon approval.

Article VIIl - Parliamentary Authority
Unless otherwise agreed upon during any meeting or proceeding, the Parliamentary Authority for the BPA shall be "Robert's Rules of Order"

Article IX - British Polygraph Association By-Laws
  1. All members of the BPA shall be entitled to the floor of any meeting, but only members in good standing are eligible to vote upon motions, elections of officers and other business matters of the BPA brought before the membership.
  2. The incorporated name of the BPA and/or the use of, or reproduction of its seal shall be limited to the letterheads of members in good standing only. Any other use must be approved by a majority vote of member present.
  3. Any member who knowingly makes a false certification or endorsement regarding an applicant's eligibility and/or his/her qualification will be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. Any applicant, who submits false information, or who, in any way, attempts to withhold information from his application for membership in the BPA, can and will be denied membership in the BPA.
  5. The By-Laws may be amended at the annual meeting of the BPA by a favorable majority vote of the members present and voting.
  6. No polygraph examination shall be conducted by any member on a person under the age of 14 years.
  7. No examiner shall knowingly obstruct any ongoing judicial procedure.
  8. No examiner will knowingly engage in any "conflict test" involving any other member of the BPA.
  9. Members should use validated techniques in line with the APA guidance as outlined in it's Meta Analysis

Approved December  2012

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